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Click here for the genealogy page Welcome! I don't know how you got here but we're glad you came. (If you want to see that nice crest again, click here Family Crest) If you'd like to see the complete coat of arms of the Neve family, click here Neve Coat of Arms. To peruse our family tree, pedigree charts and family grouping for thousands of Neves click on the "My Family" link on the left. This is an ambitious project which consists of cataloguing as many Neves as we can get our hands on. If your last name is NEVE, LE NEVE, NEEVE, NEAVE or some other close variation, we'd like to hear from you!
Click here for our family site To check out our latest personal family news on click on the second link on the left marked "Home". This site—and especially this section—is in constant evolution and is designed to provide a point of contact for Neves and their friends. Navigate the site by using the buttons on the left. If something doesn't seem to work we'd appreciate being told about it.
Click here to read and download books and articles In the "Bible" section we have placed some wonderful books and articles. All are freely downloadable, if you wish, and all are well worth your time. If you have any contributions to this list please let us hear about them. This section has grown over the years to make a veritable library of good reading! Come in and spend some time here.
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Finally, we have a "Links" page where you will find directions to many other sites concerning the Neve family all around the world, that you may find interesting. We have personal Neve sites as well as portals in Belgium, America and elsewhere. Check back here often.
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