This is the page that will take you into my line of the Neve family history pages. We have over five thousand people already in the family database and it keeps growing as new ones are born and as we find more links from ages past. As of February 27, 2003 these pages trace 15 generations of Neves !

It seemed good to me to give visitors a choice right here of how far back they want to go. I have therefore split up the database into manageable chunks. If you want the whole thing, just click on the very first name. This is as far back as we go, at the moment. This first-level listing contains all descendants. You can therefore reduce search-and-display time by going to a lower-level entry point, if you know who you are looking for.

In keeping with standard practice, the personal details of living individuals are not posted. Click here to re-read the Neve family history with a list of a few "Notable Neves." Click here to look at all the names in our database, otherwise pick your man from the list below.

I have collected some rare and not-so-rare documents that may be of interest to other Neves. You can take a look at them by clicking here : Documents. Now here's our latest addition : a family-by-family photo album. This is going to take some work, but here is the start : Photos

Finally, thank you for visiting! If you spot any errors or omissions please do us all a favor by bringing it to my attention.

-- Derrick Neve   ( I can be contacted at this address :  )

(Date of birth in brackets)

John Le Neve (1540)
John Le Neve (1567)
Robert Neve (1595)
Robert Neve (1646)
Edward Neve (1690)
William Neve (1713)
John Neve (1741)
David Neve (1780)
Julius Neve (1814)
Alfred Hovenden Neve (1850)
Cuthbert William Neve (1888)
David Cuthbert Neve (1922)
Derrick John Neve (1949)


Derrick John Neve (1949)
Raphaël David Neve (1978)
Christine Sara Neve (2002)

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