Zodiac Star Guide


Title: Zodiac Star Guide Subtitle: to your relations with others
Author: Anonymous Cover: Softcover
Pages: 95 Language: English


Publisher: Zodiac International Edition:
Written: 1960 Published: 1971
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ID: 3110 Category: Sociology & Culture
Keyword: Astrology Acquired: 1971
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To / From: Location: A2
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I remember parking the van on a Montreal city street and running into a local newsagent to see if they had a copy of this book that I'd heard about from a friend as being worthwhile. That was in August of 1971. Since then Mum and I have read it countless times trying to protect its overall condition.

As you can see, today it's still in the family. But please treat it with great care because it's no longer available. Though many similar books have been written, this little paperback has a great advantage in being concise, succint, and accurate without being melodramatic, like Linda Goodman tends to be. If you want the simple facts, this book has them, without all the trappings of New Age humanism that now go along with it.