Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up


Title: Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up Subtitle: A New Look at Today's Evangelical Church in the Light of Early Christianity
Author: David W. Bercot Cover: Softcover
Pages: 180 Language: English


Publisher: Scroll Publishing Company Edition:
Written: Published: 1989
ISBN#: 0-924722-00-2 Translator / Editor:


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Perhaps the single most important thing the book did for me was to introduce me in an unforgettable way to the early Christian writings. However, the author does more than introduce the reader to the early Christians and their writings he advances a powerful and persuasive argument as to why we should take the early Christians and their writings seriously. This argument is basically similar to saying that the further upstream you go, the purer the waters should be. He makes a convincing case that these early Christian writers were in the best possible position to interpret and understand what the inspired writers had in mind when they wrote the New Testament. After all, some of these early Christian leaders were co-workers with the apostles and knew them personally. It is logical that they had a real advantage over us who read the Bible after nearly 2,000 years.