Watch Your Walk


Title: Watch Your Walk Subtitle: Ministering from a Heart of Integrity
Author: Richard Baxter Cover: Softcover
Pages: 220 Language: English


Publisher: Victor Edition: New Ed
Written: 1655 Published: 2004
ISBN#: 0-7814-4173-0 Translator / Editor:


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Richard Baxter lived in an age when many of his fellow pastors had grown too comfortable with performing their religious duties by rote and spending much of their time in gluttony and drunkenness. It was under these conditions that Baxter wrote The Reformed Pastor—a reprimand to indolent clergy and an appeal to ministers of the gospel to take heed of their own spiritual condition before attempting to shepherd others.

This paraphrased edition of the Watch Your Walk makes Baxter's time-tested wisdom accessible and relevant to any who desire to be ministers of Christ today.