Theft of a Nation


Title: Theft of a Nation Subtitle:
Author: William W. Baker Cover: Softcover
Pages: Language: English


Publisher: Defender's Publications Edition:
Written: 1982 Published: 1984
ISBN#: 0-910643-00-8 Translator / Editor:


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Keyword: Palestine Acquired: 2007-08
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There will be no peace or solutions forthcoming while those who boast of freedom and democracy are intolerant of the views and culture of others living in their land. There can be no peace while political powers forbid the practice of freedom of speech.

There will be no peace while men malign one another and distort the truth to win an election to public office, or while politicians conspire to enslave and imprison those who oppose or disagree with them; while men profess to be "righteous" yet deny the basic liberty of free thought and expression; while men prate of morals and idealism, yet sell their soul amid the hypocrisies of the hour and that which is expedient or popular'; while men claim truth to be solely theirs alone, maintaining they "have a right" to disinherit, to destroy another race or culture of men, THERE WILL BE NO PEACE!