The Windsors : A Dynasty Revealed


Title: The Windsors : A Dynasty Revealed Subtitle: The Book of the Major TV Series
Author: Piers Brendon; Phillip Whitehead Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 286 Language: English


Publisher: BCA Edition:
Written: 1994 Published: 1994
ISBN#: 978-0-340-61013-8 Translator / Editor:


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With fascinating new evidence, this book provides the most complete portait yet of the House of Windsor. From the time of George V to the 'annus horribilis' of Queen Elizabeth II, Brendon and Whitehead give behind-the-scenes insight on:

• the christening of the dynasty
• the relationship between the Windsors and the Nazis
• the 'organised silence' surrounding the affair between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson
• the doomed romance of Princess Margaret and Group-Captain Townsend
• the choice of Lady Diana Spencer as a royal bride
• the rival queens — Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher
• the fending courts of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Compelling and authoritative, this is the first in-depth account of the world's most famous dynasty in the light of recet scandals.