The Pilgrim Road


Title: The Pilgrim Road Subtitle: Insights from the Early Christians
Author: David W. Bercot Cover: Softcover
Pages: 179 Language: English


Publisher: Scroll Publishing Company Edition:
Written: 1991 Published: 1991
ISBN#: 0-924722-04-5 Translator / Editor:


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During the 2nd and 3rd centuries A. D. (100–300), Christianity was an illegal, persecuted religion throughout most of the civilized world. In many ways, this was a blessing. That's because persecution culled out superficial Christians and those who were not willing to make sacrifices for Christ. It produced thousands of fervent Christians who loved God with their whole hearts, souls, and minds. These were men and women who scorned both persecution and the alluring pleasures of the world.

The passionate Christianity of those early centuries can bless today's Christians as well. That's because the spiritual pilgrims of those centuries have left us a rich legacy of vibrant writings that provide keen insight on how to walk down the pilgrim road—the narrow way that Jesus spoke of. The Pilgrim Road is a unique handbook that collects together the best insights, reflections, and practical counsel of the early Christians.