The Path to Rome


Title: The Path to Rome Subtitle:
Author: Hilaire Belloc Cover: Softcover
Pages: 251 Language: English


Publisher: Dover Publications Edition:
Written: 1902 Published: 2005
ISBN#: 0-486-44001-X Translator / Editor:


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Hilaire Belloc's best work, The Path to Rome is less concerned with Rome itself than with a pilgrim's journey to the Eternal City.

A spirited Catholic apologist, Belloc traveled on foot from France, across the Alps and the Apennines in order to "see all Europe which the Christian Faith has saved." Written at the turn of the twentieth century, well before the face of Europe was forever changed by two cataclysmic wars, this memoir abounds in vignettes from a vanished time.

Sevnty-seven of Belloc's original line drawings appear throught the test, complementing his sparkling narrative and its warm appreciations of nature and humanity.