The Mother At Home


Title: The Mother At Home Subtitle: The Principals of Maternal Duty
Author: John S.C. Abbott Cover: Softcover
Pages: 164 Language: English


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Written: 1833 Published: 2008
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The efforts which a mother makes for the improvement of her child in knowledge and virtue are necessarily retired and unobtrusive. The world knows not of them; and hence the world has been slow to perceive how powerful and extensive is this secret and silent influence.

But circumstances are now directing the eye of the community to the nursery, and the truth is daily coming more distinctly before the public that the influence which is exerted upon the mind during the first eight or ten years of existence in a a great degree guides the destiny of that mind for time and eternity.

And as the mother is the guardian and guide of the early years of life, from her goes the most powerful influence in the formation of the character of man.