The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi


Title: The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi Subtitle:
Author: St Francis of Assisi Cover: Softcover
Pages: 120 Language: English


Publisher: Vintage Edition:
Written: Published: 1998
ISBN#: 0-375-70020-X Translator / Editor:


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St Francis of Assisi—the saint who preached to birds and wolves, the saint whose vow of poverty changed Christian ethics forever, the saint who repented of his fleshly sins by loving the material world—was also a pretty great writer.

His Little Flowers, a series of 53 short chapters ranging in form from wild stories to serene meditations, is perfect bedtime or devotional reading. Before you know it, you'll be reading this one aloud to your cat. And Francis will be very pleased to hear it!