The Jews


Title: The Jews Subtitle:
Author: Hilaire Belloc Cover: Softcover
Pages: 242 Language: English


Publisher: Omni Publications Edition:
Written: 1922 Published: 1998
ISBN#: 0-88418-010-7 Translator / Editor:


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The author states impartially the problem which arises from the presence of the Jew everywhere in the midst of a non-Jewish world. He maintain that the friction between the Jews and the nations among which they are dispersed is growing more actue and he traces the cause for the new gravity of the problem to the leadership which Jews have taken in the Russian revolution and the quarrel of the proletariat against capitalism.

From the Preface, "The object of this book is…the relation between the Jews and the nations around them…" Belloc skips over ad hominem attacks and focuses on the undeniable reality of the problem of Jews living in a Christian culture. Belloc's fairness and even-handedness is surprising. He speaks of:

  • the Jewish control of banking yet does not fail to point out that the average European Jew is poor
  • that Bolshevism is a Jewish movement, but not a movement of the Jewish race as a whole
  • the Jewish mentality
  • the failure of gentiles to be honest about the Jewish question
  • Anti-Semitism (an evil to be deplored but hard to oppose because it exploits the truth so often denied by liberal gentiles), the only two forces capable of opposing industrial capitalism —the Jews and the Church…divergent paths
  • the interplay of the four most important forces in the world: the Catholic Church, the Jews, Islam and industrial capitalism
  • the history of the Jews in England (fascinating —control of money-lending in the Middle Ages, their exile under Edward I, their return under the Protestant Cromwell and their alliance against their mutual enemy, the Catholic Church, attempts to form an Anglo-Judaic state in Palestine (if this isn’t pertinent reading for today, then we don’t know what is!)
  • Zionism and much more!