The German Question


Title: The German Question Subtitle: A Documentary
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Pages: 512 Language: English


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Written: 1964 Published: 1967
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The German Question recounts developments which led to the present political (1963) situation in Germany, and attempts to make clear Germany's focal position in the conflict between the East and the West.

The reader is familiarized with events which led to the status quo in Germany, as well as with concurrent events on both sides of the Iron Curtain. He becomes acqsuainted with the political activity, domestic and foreign, of the German Federal Government, with the steps taknen towards reunification, with the process of rearmament, and with economic and social measures taken in the face of corresponding actions in the Socizer Zone. Other topics of investigation are the political connections between the Federal Repulblic of Germany and the Soviet Occupation Zone, the ewxpulsion of the German population from territories beyond the Oder-Neisse Line, and the gigantic problems created by refugees and by religious restrictions.

An extensive review on Berlin follows the city's hitory from the division of Berlin into four sectors, through the Berlin Blockade, and the building and maintenance of the Berlin Wall.

Altogether the book is a comprehensive presentation of a burning political issue—the German question.