The 9th Annual of the Year's Best SF


Title: The 9th Annual of the Year's Best SF Subtitle: Edited by Judith Merril
Author: Anthology Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 384 Language: English


Publisher: Simon & Schuster Edition: Book Club Edition
Written: 1963 Published: 1963
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ID: 1524 Category: Short stories & Essays
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Contents :
Bernie the Faust by William Tenn
Fortress Ship by Fred Saberhagen
Mr Waterman by Peter Redgrove
Mrs Pigafetta Sims Well by R. Bretnor
Tree Trunks by John Gallagher
The Don't Make Life Like They Use To by Alfred Bester
The Great Nebraska Sea by Allan Danzig
The Faces OUtsidee by Bruce McAllister
A Slight Case of Limbo by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
237 Talking Statues, Etc by Fritz Leiber
The Jazz Machine by Richard Matheson
Mourning Song by Charles Beaumont
Dog Eat Bird by Jules Feiffer
The Jewbird by Bernard Malamud
On The Fourth Planet by J. F. Bone
Poppa Needs Shorts by Walt and Leigh Richmond
Double Standard by Fredric Brown
Interview by Frank A. Javor
Eight O'clock In The Morning by Raqy Nelson
Where Is Everybody? by Ben Bova
The Earth Dwellers by André Maurois
The Nobel Prize Winners by W. J. J. Gordon
Hot Planet by Hal Clement
IBM by Mort Gerberg
Confressions Of The First Number by Cliff Owsley
The Ming Vase by E. C. Tubb
A Bargain With Cashel by Gerald Kersh
Drunkboat by Cordwainer Smith