Ten Beads Tall


Title: Ten Beads Tall Subtitle:
Author: Pam Adams Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 14 Language: English


Publisher: Child's Play International Edition:
Written: Published: 2002
ISBN#: 0-85953-903-2 Translator / Editor:


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This book has a multitude of uses. It can be used from ten months to eight years of age. Each page is made of heavy, wipeable cardboard. The first twelve pages can be used as a picture dictionary. Many objects and animals are shown on each page with a single written word underneath it. This is a wonderful way to build vocabulary. As children grow, they can begin to use the beads to measure the objects on each page. The measurement concepts encountered are: how tall, how wide, how long, the difference between tall and high, the difference between width and length, and also spatial placement (how high from the ground). Once children begin to read, they will be able to identify the picture and read the word. Using the last four pages, children will apply the measurement concepts they have learned and will have to determine which toys will fit in what box and which vehicle will pass through the tunnel.