Stories from Many Lands


Title: Stories from Many Lands Subtitle:
Author: Anthology Cover: Softcover
Pages: 133 Language: English


Publisher: Longman Edition:
Written: 1964 Published: 1984
ISBN#: 0-582-53025-3 Translator / Editor:


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When the Sun Went Down, Henry Lawson
Ziré Buzette, Maurice des Ombriaux
Waiting for the Police, J. J. Farjeon
One or the Other, Rupert Croft-Cooke
The Cobbler Bloneau, Bonaventure des Periers
The Accused House, Emile Gaboriau
Captain Obstinate, Anonymous
At the Palace of Justice, Alphonese Daudet
The Piece of String, Guy de Maupassant
The Beast, Jakob Wassermann
The Sphinx without a Secret, Oscar Wilde
The Orderly, Edmondo de Amicis
Mirrors, Massimo Bontempelli
The House of a Black Dog, Satu Haruo
The Cup of Tea, Affonso Botelho
The Chameleon, Anton Chekhov
The Hoop, Feodor Sologub
Boleslov, Maxim Gorky
A Clump of Lilac, Alexander Kurin
An Andalusian Duel, Estebanez Calderon
The Stub-book, Pedro de Alarcon
The Expression, José Frances
The Rustic Cobbler, Eusebio Blasco
The Tomb of Ali-Bellus, Vicente Blasco Ibanez