Sleeping Beauty


Title: Sleeping Beauty Subtitle:
Author: Alison Ainsworth Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 52 Language: English


Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd Edition: Read It Yourself
Written: Published: 1993
ISBN#: 0-7214-1583-0 Translator / Editor:


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The 13th fairy curses a new born princess and she is destined to prick her finger on her 18th birthday and die. The curse cannot be reversed but is softened by a good fairy so she will fall asleep instead. The king is grateful but decrees that all needles and spindles in his kingdom must be destroyed. The 13th fairy is too clever for him though and, on her 18th birthday, Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger and falls asleep for a hundred years. Only true love from a handsome prince can save her now...