Plain Speaking


Title: Plain Speaking Subtitle: How to Preach and Teach Effectively
Author: David W. Bercot Cover: Softcover
Pages: 150 Language: English


Publisher: Scroll Publishing Company Edition:
Written: 2007 Published: 2007
ISBN#: 978-0-924722-18-9 Translator / Editor:


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Although many books have been written about preaching and teaching, most of them are addressed to seminary-trained pastors. They're not aimed at the churches that don't use professionally-schooled ministers. That's what is different about this book. The New Testament Christians had no seminaries, but they raised up effective preachers and teachers. The Holy Spirit can use ordinary Christian men today to preach and teach—just as He did back in the first century.

Plain Speaking takes the reader through all of the steps of developing and delivering effective sermons and devotional messages. Some of the topics covered are:

• Choosing the right topic
• Building your sermon
• Where to find illustrations
• Organizing your material
• Preparing rousing introductions and conclusions
• Making eye contact with your listeners
• Controlling speakers fright
• How to make your devotionals special
• Pet peeves of listeners

Although packed with practical information, Plain Speaking is written in an easy-to-read conversational style.