Night Of Reunion


Title: Night Of Reunion Subtitle: 4/4
Author: Michael Allgretto Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 110 Language: English


Publisher: Reader's Digest Condensed Books Edition:
Written: 1990 Published: 1993
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Colorado schoolteacher Alex Whitaker has a tragic secret from his past—one so terrible that he had hoped never to have to disclose it to his wife Sarah.

But one day that secret comes back to haunt him, when he receives a letter from his former father-in-law warning him of deadly danger.

Suddenly, shockingly, Alex's innocent family find themselves plunged into a car-and-mouse game with a calculating, murderous psychopath hell-bent on her own special brand of vengeance.

A page-turner of a story that grips the reader right up to its shocking, nightmarish climax.