Modern British Short Stories


Title: Modern British Short Stories Subtitle: Edited by Malcolm Bradbury
Author: Anthology Cover: Softcover
Pages: 448 Language: English


Publisher: Penguin Edition: Reprint
Written: 1989 Published: 1989
ISBN#: 0-14-006306-4 Translator / Editor:


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Malcolm Lowry, Strange Comfort Afforded by the Profession
Samuel Beckett, Ping
Elizabeth Bowen, Mysterious Kor
V. S. Pritchett, A Family Man
Dylan Thomas, The Burning Baby
Graham Greene, The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen
Angus Wilson, More Friend Than Lodger
Jean Rhys, The Lotus
William Golding, Miss Pulkinhorn
Kingsley Amis, My Enemy's Enemy
Ted Hughes, The Rain Horse
Alan Sillitoe, The Fishing-boat Picture
Doris Lessing, To Room Nineteen
Muriel Spark, The House of the Famous Poet
John Fowles, The Enigma
K. G. Ballard, Memories of the Space Age
William Trevor, A Meeting in Middle Age
Edna O'Brien, In the Hours of Darkness
B. S. Johnson, A Few Selected Sentences
Malcolm Bradbury, Composition
Fay Weldon, Weekend
David Lodge, Hotel des Boobs
Beryl Bainbridge, Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie
Ian McEwan, Psychopolis
Angela Carter, Flesh and the Mirror
Martin Amis, Let me Count the Times
Rose Tremain, My Wife is a White Russian
Salman Rushdie, The Prophet's Hair
Julian Barnes, One of a Kind
Emma Tennant, Philomela
Clive Sinclair, Bedbugs
Graham Swift, Seraglio
Kazuo Ishiguro, A Family Supper
Adam Mars-Jones, Structural Anthropology