KJV Bible: 1611 Edition


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Author: Bible Cover: Hardcover
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Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers Edition:
Written: 1611 Published: 2005
ISBN#: 1-56563-160-9 Translator / Editor:


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For nearly 400 years, the Authorized Version of the Bible – popularly known as the King James Version – has been beloved for its majestic language and stately cadences. This elegant reprint preserves the original 1611 edition, word for word and page for page, in more modern type. A truly special Bible for collectors and for everyone who cherishes the KJV.

• Word-for-word facsimile of the original 1611 Authorized Version
• Handsome page design with "illuminated" initials and clearer type
• Complete with Apocrypha, plus the original preface and translators' notes
• Includes a special essay on pre-1611 English translations
• Attractive, high quality binding with raised hubs, gilding, and one ribbon marker