Introduction to Dressmaking


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Author: Anonymous Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 96 Language: English


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Written: 1972 Published: 1975
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The aim of all dressmakers is to make a garment that doesn't look as if it has been made at home. And the small flaws—an ill-fitting zip, a sleeve not positioned correctly or a hem the wrong thickness for the fabric—give you away.

Introduction to Dressmaking contains a number of expert hints and tips to help you achieve the best possible finish by using the correct techniques. Each dressmaking step has a section of its own – buying and altering patterns, choosing fabrics, attaching sleeves, finishing cuffs and collars, making zips, belts and other fastenings, right through to hems and the final press.

A section on tailoring, that most difficult but worthwhile dressmaking art, explains step-by-step how simple the technique really is. You'll surely be pleased with the successful results – both with the money you'll be able to save and with the satisfaction of being able to wear a garment all your own.