Intimacy with God


Title: Intimacy with God Subtitle:
Author: Clement of Alexandria Cover: Softcover
Pages: 143 Language: English


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Written: 1990 Published: 2008
ISBN#: 978-0-924722-23-3 Translator / Editor:


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Clement of Alexandria was one of the outstanding teachers of the second century church. After his conversion, Clement traveled throughout the ancient world to learn Christianity first hand from the most respected teachers of his age—men who taught by deeds, not just by words. Eventually Clement settled in Alexandria, Egypt, where he was appointed to mentor new Christians.

Intimacy With God is a collection of Clement's godly insights on what it really means to know God and to walk with Him closely This book is divided into two parts, Part One forcuses on the day-to-day walk of a person who knows God intimately. In it, Clement covers subjects such as:

  • Bearing the Cross
  • Separation from the World
  • Holiness
  • Loving your Neighbour
  • Oaths and Lawsuits
  • Counsel to Women
  • Divisions in Christ's Body
  • Appreciating Scripture

    Part Two of this work focuses on the issue of wealth and how it can affect our relationship with God. Clement analyzez Jesus' words to the rich young man and demonstrated their true meaning. The book closes with Clement's account of the apostle John in the last years of his life and how he brought a robber back into the fold of Christ.