How to Become a Saint


Title: How to Become a Saint Subtitle: A Beginners Guide
Author: Jack Bernard Cover: Softcover
Pages: 160 Language: English


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Written: 2007 Published: 2007
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Everyone can become a saint; it's not a state of life intended for a few select women and men throughout history.

This is the thesis Bernard, who died in 2002, posits in this collection of spiritual musings that he wrote in 1999. Bernard, a one-time atheist, missionary and founder of the Church of the Sojourners, provides a "back to basics" commonsense spirituality, which is much needed during this time of growing polarization among Christians.

Sainthood, he argues, is sorely misunderstood. It does not require perfection, but rather trust: trust in God and God's will, and trust in the goodness of oneself and others. The author acknowledges that sainthood is not an easy task, but it is much more suited to the human condition than perfection. Holiness is an attribute required for sainthood, but again, this is not perfection, but a "strict undividedness toward God."

Those who focus on God and God's will cannot fail to find holiness and sainthood. This pursuit, Bernard makes clear, is best accomplished within the context of the community of believers, though he's not advocating any particular denomination here. The author's spiritual messages may seem redundant throughout the text, but he may have intended that: this is an oft-ignored message that bears repeating.