God At War


Title: God At War Subtitle: The Bible & Spiritual Conflict
Author: Gregory A. Boyd Cover: Softcover
Pages: 414 Language: English


Publisher: IVP Academic Edition:
Written: 1997 Published: 1997
ISBN#: 0-8308-1885-5 Translator / Editor:


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In this bold and compelling work, Gregory Boyd undertakes to re-frame the central issues of Christian theodicy. By Boyd's estimate, theologians still draw too heavily on Augustine's response to the problem of evil, attributing pain and suffering to the mysterious "good" purposes of God.

Through a close and sophisticated reading of both Old and New Testaments, Boyd argues that God has been in an age-long (but not eternal) battle against Satan and that this conflict "is a major dimension of the ultimate canvas against which everything within the biblical narrative, from creation to the eschaton, is to be painted and therefore understood."

Accordingly, modern Christians are inclined not to expect evil and so are baffled but resigned when it occurs. New Testament writers, on the other hand, were inclined to expect evil and fight against it. Modern Christians attempt to intellectually understand evil, whereas New Testament writers grappled with overcoming evil.

No less edifying than it is provocative, God at War will reward the careful attention of scholars, pastors, students and educated laypersons alike.