Galileo's Commandment


Title: Galileo's Commandment Subtitle: An Anthology of Great Science Writing
Author: Anthology Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 485 Language: English


Publisher: W. H. Freeman Edition:
Written: 1997 Published: 1997
ISBN#: 0-7167-3035-9 Translator / Editor:


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Isaac Asimov on death in the laboratory
Frederic C. Bartlett on imagery in thought
Annie Cannon on classifying the stars
Noam Chomsky on the case against B.F. Skinner
Richard Feynman on the distinction between past and future
Galileo Galilei on looking through a telescope
Julian Huxley on animal courtship
Ernst Mach on the vestibular sense
James Clerk Maxwell on early ideas of molecules
J. Robert Oppenheimer on quantum mechanics
Karl Popper on heroic science
Bertrabnd Russell on relativity
Carl Sagan on the possibility of alien visitations
Walter Sullivan on continents in motion
Voltaire on Isaac Newton's importance
Alfred Wallace on evolution
Louise Young on how ice changed the world ... and many others