For Such a Time as This


Title: For Such a Time as This Subtitle: The Message of Esther
Author: Evelyn Booth-Clibborn Cover: Softcover
Pages: 80 Language: English


Publisher: New Wine Press Edition:
Written: 1990 Published: 1990
ISBN#: 0-947852-80-8 Translator / Editor:


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After forty years in what she regarded as a spiritual wilderness, God called Evelyn Booth-Clibborn away from the bright lights of the concert platform to a ministry of music, testimoney and biblical teaching, which spanned half a century.

She saw the particular relevance of the book of Esther to today's Church, observing how little human nature has changed: the inexplicable cruelties, the callousness, the proud unforgiving spirit.

"Let there be no mistake, they are all chips off the same block that supplied the cross."