Father Ten Boom


Title: Father Ten Boom Subtitle: God's Man
Author: Corrie Ten Boom Cover: Softcover
Pages: 160 Language: English


Publisher: Kingsway Publications Edition:
Written: 1978 Published: 1979
ISBN#: 0-86065-054-5 Translator / Editor:


ID: 1827 Category: Christian Living; Biography & Memoirs
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"Meet the man who shaped Corrie ten Boom's early years, the man who imparted faith and courage to her, Casper ten Boom.

"A skilled watchmaker, a highly respected businessman throughout Holland, and a man of great courage, his spiritual optimism caused him fearlessly to hide Jews in his home during the second world war. It was a risk which became a swacrifice—to end in a lonely death in a Nazi prison.

"Corrie ten Boom vividly recalls lessons of love and encouragement she learned from this man—her father." (Blurb from the back cover. This is a story that just won't die. Maybe Corrie could write one about her mother, too—as well as her brothers and sisters. There's money to be made here... Unimpressed Dad)