English short stories, 1888-1937


Title: English short stories, 1888-1937 Subtitle:
Author: Anthology Cover: Softcover
Pages: 403 Language: English


Publisher: Oxford University Press Edition: Oxford Paperbacks
Written: 1939 Published: 1973
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Contents :
Thomas Hardy, The Three Strangers
Frank Harris, The Holy Man
W.W. Jacobs, A Garden Plot
H.G. Wells, A Slip under the Microscope
Arnold Bennett, The Lion's Share
J.H. Munro [Saki], The Open Window & The Music on the Hill
W. Somerset Maugham, The Door of Opportunity
A.E. Coppard, Fifty Pounds
E.M. Forster, Other Kingdom
P.G. Wodehouse, Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend
D.H. Lawrence, The Last Laugh
Stacy Aumonier, Juxtapositions
Katherine Mansfield, Sun and Moon
Stella Benson, Submarine
Aldous Huxley, The Tillotson Banquet
T.O. Beachcroft, She was Living with his People
H.E. Bates, The Revelation
Constance Holme, The Last Inch
Viola Meynell, The Pain in the Neck
Elizabeth Bowen, Joining Charles
Stella Gibbons, Saturday Afternoon.