Discipline Unto Prayer


Title: Discipline Unto Prayer Subtitle:
Author: T. Austin-Sparks Cover: Softcover
Pages: 128 Language: English


Publisher: Emmanuel Church Edition:
Written: 1957 Published: 2000
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This book is reprinted from the original, unabridged writings of T. Austin-Sparks and others,
who shared in the magazine, "A Witness and a Testimony".

1. Unmoved and Undismayed
2. "Windows Open Toward Jerusalem"
3. Meekness of the Man of God
4. The Tragedy of the Unfinished Task
5. "Gather My Saints Together"
6. Whither the Tribes Go up
7. Gathered of God
8. "A House of Prayer for All People"
9. The Church's Prayer and Spiritual Increase
10. The Church His Body
11. Corporate Prayer
12. The Divine Ministry of Delay
13. The Eternal Reward of Labour and Suffering
14. Recovery of the Glory
15. Discipline Unto Prayer