Classic English Short Stories, 1930-1955


Title: Classic English Short Stories, 1930-1955 Subtitle:
Author: Anthology Cover: Softcover
Pages: 362 Language: English


Publisher: Oxford University Press Edition: Reprint
Written: Published: 1990
ISBN#: 0-19-281121-5 Translator / Editor:


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Contents :
W. Somerset Maughm, The Kite
Virginia Woolf, The Duchess and the Jeweller
Frances Towers, The Little Willow
C.S. Forester, The Hostage
Eric Linklater, Sealskin Trousers
V.S. Pritchett, The Voice
William Plomer, Ever Such a Nice Boy
Evelyn Waugh, On Guard
Graham Greene, The Basement Room
H.E. Bates, The Woman Who Had Imagination
John Moore, Local Boy Makes Good
ChristopherSykes, The Sacred and the Profane
William Sansom, The Vertical Ladder
Fred Urquhart, Man About the House
A.L. Barker, Mr Minnenick
Nigel Kneale, The Putting Away of Uncle Quaggin
Elizabeth Bowen,Maria
Clemence Dane, The Dearly Beloved of Benjamin Cobb
Rosamond Lehmann, A Dream of Winter