Children in New Religions


Title: Children in New Religions Subtitle:
Author: Anthology Cover: Softcover
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Written: 1999 Published: 1999
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Part IHow Children Change Movements: Impact on the Future
     1. Witches: The Next Generation
     2. Education and Collective Identity: Public Schooling of Hare Krishna Youths
     3. In Whose Interest? Separating Children from Mothers in the Sullivan Institute / Fourth Wall Community

Part IIHow Movements Mold Their Children
     4. God's Children: Physical and Spiritual Growth Among Evangelical Christians
     5. Osho Ko Hsan School: Educating the "New Child"
     6. Growing Up As Mother's Children: Socializing a Second Generation in Sahaja Yoga
     7. The Children of ISOT
     8. Chiildren of the Underground Temple: Growing Up inn Damanhur

Part IIIHow Society Responds: Legal and Freedom Issues
     9. Frontiers and Families: The Children of Island Pond
   10. Social Control of New Religions: From "Brainwashing" Claims to Child Sew Abuse Accusations
   11. The Precarious Balance Between Freedom of Religion and the Best Interests of the Child
   12. Children of a Newer God: The English Courts, Custody Disputes, and NRMs

Part IVHearing the Children
   13. The Ethiccs of Children in Three New Religions