Characters of the Reformation


Title: Characters of the Reformation Subtitle: Historical Portraits of the 23 Men and Women and Their Place in the Great Religious Revolution of the 16th Century
Author: Hilaire Belloc Cover: Softcover
Pages: 208 Language: English


Publisher: Tan Books & Publishers Edition: New Ed
Written: Published: 1992
ISBN#: 0-89555-466-6 Translator / Editor:


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Perhaps the most fascinating book ever written by this great Catholic historian. Here in bold, living colors Belloc sketches the destructive results of the greed, lust, weakness, tenacity, blindness, fear and indecision of 23 famous men and women of the Protestant Reformation period, analyzing their strengths, mistakes, motives and deeds which changed the course of history.

Belloc cites Anne Boleyn, not the weak-willed Henry VIII as the "pivot figure" of the English Reformation, for it was her iron will to be Queen which started the movement. He describes Cromwell, the monastery looter and destroyer, as "the true creator of the English Reformation." He shows how the crafty William Cecil accomplished the task of "digging up the Catholic Faith by the roots" and "crushing out the Mass from English soil."

Belloc also highlights the fatal error of Cardinal Richelieu in putting France before Catholicism and thus torpedoing Europe's last great chance of keeping Christendom united. Belloc warns that this breakup of Christendom may still destroy our Christian civilization. Even those who think they do not like history will be unable to put this book down. Brings history vividly to life!