Building to Last


Title: Building to Last Subtitle: Stories for Families to Read Together in Their Daily Prayer Time
Author: Isabel Anderson Cover: Softcover
Pages: 161 Language: English


Publisher: Saint Tikhon's Seminary Press Edition:
Written: 1996 Published: 1996
ISBN#: 1-878997-53-X Translator / Editor:


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This wonderful book, Building to Last, so brilliantly written by Matushka Isabel Anderson and so beautifully illustrated by John Uram, is an ideal guide for parents to train their children in the Orthodox Way.

Matushka's Spirit-filled stories, her thought-provoking questions for discussion, the theme-related Bible references and the appropriately relevant prayers all combine to form the basis for many an afternoon or evening families can spend together, as they should -- drawing closer to our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ, and growing closer to one another.