British and American Short Stories


Title: British and American Short Stories Subtitle:
Author: Anthology Cover: Softcover
Pages: 104 Language: English


Publisher: Longman Edition: Longman Simplified English Series
Written: 1960 Published: 1991
ISBN#: 0-582-52812-7 Translator / Editor:


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This book has been specially prepared to make enjoyable reading for people to whom English is a second or a foreign language. An English writer never thinks of avoiding unusual words, so that the learner, trying to read the book in its original form, has to turn frequently to the dictionary and so loses much of the pleasure that the book ought to give.

This series is planned for such readers. There are very few words used which are outside the learner's vocabulary. These few extra words are needed for the story and are explained when they first appear. Long sentences and difficult sentence patterns have been simplified. The resulting language is good and useful English, and the simplified book keeps much of the charm and flavour of the original.

The Longman Simplified English Series contains a 2,000 word vocabulary.