50 Years for Jesus


Title: 50 Years for Jesus Subtitle:
Author: Evelyn Booth-Clibborn Cover: Softcover
Pages: 127 Language: English


Publisher: New Wine Press Edition:
Written: 1989 Published: 1989
ISBN#: 0-947852-57-3 Translator / Editor:


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To dear Ruth
With lots of love
& every blessing –

Evelyn Booth-Clibborn is the grand-daughter of General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army. Her mother, widely known as the Maréchale, founded the Movement in France, and later with her father in Switzerland.

Miss Booth-Clibborn celebrated her 90th birthday in April 1988, also marking the Jubilee of her dedicated life. It was in 1938 that she gave her life to God.

This is the story of a life that can bless the Lord, even for the forty years of spiritual wilderness, which led to that dedication. Her watchword is still 'Forward', and she declares:

"Even though I now need more care, I am not retiring from active service."