Things we have learned

Christians in politics - An email response to a mailing urging believers to "get involved" in politics.

Woman to women - Heart to heart reflections on the place and role of women in today's world.

The Importance of Intolerance - People say that Christianity is intolerant and they are right!

The Culture of the Kingdom - Christianity is more than just a religion: it's a whole culture.

Thoughts on Christmas - The result of a prayerful study in the weeks before Christmas

Are you cosmopolitan - A cosmopolitan person is one who has no fixed residence.

Under Attack - Just a little study on the daily Christian life, but a good one.

War on the World - There is a war going on and it's time to choose your side

The Law of Christ - A foundational study for community living

Not a bone of him shall be broken...

The sinner's prayer



The devil's tricks

Some contrasted expressions

Keeping your eyes on the goal

Right for God, wrong for you

Living in the Spirit

Social work