The Importance of Intolerance

People say that Christianity is intolerant. They are right. It cannot, indeed must not be otherwise.

Why should we, how could we, tolerate gross sin? Why should we, how could we, justify or defend or respect that which God condemns as gross sin?

The Bible teaches that every man has a God-given conscience which we sear and harden at our own peril. And that is why no one upon the face of the earth is without excuse. Religions that teach that sin is not only acceptable but praise-worthy and commendable; religions that teach that it's alright to murder and rob and kill and loot and rape — only when done in the name of the Lord — deserve, not respect, not toleration, but open denunciation and vehement reproof.

Those who have been seduced by such as these need our pity and Christian love. Out of love for their souls — which, despite their bestial actions, are still God-breathed and have therefore the capacity to receive God's Spirit — we should pull them out of the fire, all the while hating, condemning and rejecting their filthy garments spotted with the flesh.

Yet even so, all who accept such teachings and, more importantly, who descend so far as to engage in sin under cover of their religion, are wholly inexcusable, and shall perish as surely as any whose religion does condemn his sin, for God judges us, not by our own imaginary religion or our own puffed-up thoughts, but by the law which He has deeply engraved upon the heart of every man that cometh into the world. His light has been shed upon all men, and the seed of His Word is already sown in our hearts: we may either heed his guiding voice, or sear our conscience and put out the light that is in us so that we may run unfettered after our filthy lusts. Then, in our self-inflicted blindness we consider our wickedness to be justified by our beliefs and we sincerely no longer see anything wrong with our chosen life-style, but this is no excuse. God knows the secrets of men's hearts. He knows when we lie to His Holy Spirit. He knows when we sin against our own conscience and descend into the abyss of sin under cover of religion — and it is by these secret things that we are to be judged.

Any religion therefore — be it Islam, evangelical Protestantism, or the demonic witchcraft of African cannibals — that teaches men to sear their consciences; that teaches them to perform that which their own conscience and the inner law of God clearly forbids, should be shunned, rejected, denounced and forcefully decried.

Any religion that convinces men that they will not surely die though they obey none of God's commands is a fraud, and a lie, and is daily condemning its victims to destruction and perdition. Any religion that encourages, excuses or allows men to take up arms against each other and slaughter one another in the name of religion or self-defense; any religion or belief that defends a man or woman's right to walk off on their children for the sake of their own fulfilment, career or lusts; any religion or belief that teaches that self-fulfillment and self-promotion are respectable goals, while self-renunciation and submission are despicable things of the past; any such belief deserves no more respect than would the belief that rape of young children is acceptable or that only Aryans are worth saving alive.

Any honest seeker of Truth dare not respect those who hold such views — as if it were a mere matter of opinion. The law of God is no mere opinion! So clearly is it written in our hearts, and in terms so absolute, that God is able without injustice to judge every man by his observance of it or rebellion against it. Let us not play the devil's part by taking sides with the sinner in a misguided attempt to show him the kindness of God, and finding excuses for his wickedness. Sin shall slay the sinner, regardless of any excuses we may find. Therefore, it is our duty to show him rather the severity than the kindness of God, in hopes that it may lead him to repentance; for without repentance, sin will surely slay the sinner for he is without excuse.

Let us not become so accustomed to evil as to lose our innocence and dull the edge of our righteous indignation. As for God, He is angry with the wicked every day. Let us not misrepresent Him.

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