The Culture of the Kingdom

I have noticed that Christianity is more, in reality, than just a religion: it's a whole culture.

When you become a citizen of the kingdom of heaven, you gradually start acquiring the culture, mindset and worldview of this kingdom. It matters little what your original nationality and culture was: if you are now a subject of the King of kings, your heavenly nationality will carry with it a whole mentality and culture that characterises the heavenly kingdom.

The flavor of a Christian is the same the world over, because Christians are not citizens of the kingdom of men that they're passing through, they are citizens of the kingdom of heaven. The reason cultural differences have no place in the church is not that we overlook them, and shake hands over the fence (so to speak). Rather, the reason cultural difference have no place in the church is simply because there ARE none.

There IS neither Jew nor Greek, neither barbarian nor scythian. These things do not distinguish us from each other any more, because they simply do not exist. We have left our old culture and mentality behind, and are acquiring a whole new outlook on life -- one that is characteristic of the kingdom of the heavens, and that is worthy of the King.

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