The cosmopolitan way of life deprives us of our culture.

Normally, one group of people lives in one place ; the children grow up there, work there, marry there, live and die there. They make themselves a reputation there according to their deeds. All know them and they know all.

In such a state there is a security. There is also a heritage, and a common lot, which leads to reaction in common to events. To some extent, there is a common way of thinking, which results from a common history. This quality of life is what attracts one and is what we call culture.

When I study an ancient city, I must try to reconstitute the atmosphere and the mindset of its inhabitants at a given time, by scrupulously documenting the past history, historic events, and any other testimonies we have. This is what is interesting : their culture.

But in a mere conglomeration of humans, united in nothing except in time and space, how can there be said to be a culture ? It is dead, and each of the inhabitants lives biologically only, and in miserable loneliness.

That is why all big cities are alike.

And that is why there can be no distinct culture in a city.

" Une culture est le propre des campagnes. Seul le paysan est cultivé "

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