by A. W. Tozer

This World: Playground or Battleground?

Compiled by Harry Verploegh
Published in 1989
by Christian Publications
ISBN: 0-87509-420-1

  1. This World: Playground or Battleground?
  2. A Scared World Needs a Fearless Church
  3. We Face Tomorrow Without Fear
  4. We Must Have True Faith
  5. "When All Thy Mercies, O My God"
  6. On Wrestling in Prayer
  7. Men, Our Most Critical Need
  8. The Spiritual Person
  9. Our Resources for the Years to Come
  10. Let's Stay by the Scriptures
  11. A New Look at an Old Question
  12. Books and Moral Standards
  13. On Getting Smaller Trying to Get Big
  14. Imitative, Conservative or Creative--Which?
  15. Motive is All-Important
  16. Something Beyond Song
  17. On the Misuse of Scripture
  18. Meditation among Fallen Leaves
  19. We Must Not Defend, But Attack!
  20. Easter Meditation
  21. The Importance of Direction
  22. Faber's "Good Confession"
  23. Let's Watch Our Conversation
  24. We Must Have Spiritual Leadership Again
  25. The Christian is the True Realist
  26. Praying Till We Pray
  27. Obedience: A Neglected Doctrine
  28. Honorary Christians
  29. Let's Give Generously, But Wisely
  30. Symptomatic Word: "Fair," "Unfair"
  31. More symptomatic words: "Resent," "Resentment"
  32. The Prophet Is a Man Apart
  33. It's Not A One-Way Street
  34. The Holy Spirit Is Here
  35. The Angel of the Commonplace
  36. A Rule for Obscure Texts
  37. No Substitutes Accepted
  38. Flee from Idolatry
  39. Human Self-sufficiency Is a Myth
  40. Why We Can Never Escape Problems
  41. The Captain of Souls
  42. What Is the Deeper Life?

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