Selected works :
miscellaneous authors

Anabaptists: Neither Catholics nor Protestants A short two-part study by W. McGrath in 1956.

Tragedy in Amish Country A powerful note commenting on the recent shootings in the Amish schoolhouse.

Working Mothers & Guilt A simple solution to day care centers and the problems of guilt that working mothers face.

Can a Christian Be a Pacifist? Should a Christian today be expected to take Jesus' commands of non-resistance to the letter?

Grace according to God The clearest statement of truth we've seen summing up the meaning of grace and mercy!

Unanimity A powerfully convicting article on how the church of God should operate together on decision-making!

Modern Manhood An excellent article by an exceedingly eloquent thinker. The real problem with feminism.

The Virus of 1918 and Beyond A powerful talk on getting one's priorities straight for living in victory!

Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats? Should the church get involved in various amusements?

The Rent Veil This book, written in 1874, is a Christian classic of the deeper life

Where is the Church? A common question leads to a surprising conclusion.

The Sword of Samuel An excellent little study in priorities.

The Gift of Holy Hatred A call to radical discipleship

Islam by Peter Hoover