Working Mothers & Guilt

How to Conquer the Guilt

Employment Characteristics of Families : 1996

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, “Both parents were employed in 63.9 percent of married-couple families with children under 18 years old in 1996.” Additionally, the Bureau indicates that, “About 9 out of 10 fathers and 7 out of 10 mothers were labor force participants in 1996. AT 70.8 percent, the labor force participation rate of mothers was about a percentage point higher than it had been in 1995.” The Bureau goes on to say, “Overall, 54.3 percent of mothers of children under 1 year old were in the labor force in 1996, about the same as the year before.”

Are you going to school or working with a joy while you have children at home? Do you ever feel guilty for leaving your children with a baby-sitter or at a day care center? Ever feel like someone else is raising your child? Well, for those who feel guilty about being outside the home, we have a sure-fire 100% method that will take care of all your guilt. The solution is easy. The solution is called “repentance”! If you are feeling guilty about working – good! You should feel guilty – you're in SIN! If you don't feel guilty; get that way. There should be a very heavy sense of guilt resting on your shoulders right now, unless you're just dead to the conviction of God's Spirit. In Matthew 10:21 Jesus said,

And brother will deliver up brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents, and cause them to be put to death.

Children will betray their parents because parents first betrayed their children. They betray their children to serve the god of self. Parents have their careers to love. Christian parents have their ministry in the Lord to do. Fathers and mothers demonstrate to their children that serving themselves must come first. For they served the gods of gold, silver, pleasure and self-fulfillment. With each passing day, the world and the worldly serve self more and more. The end result be that “brother” will “deliver up brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents, and cause them to be put to death.” All because the children were shown that to please self, no matter who it affects, is the proper thing to do.

God's Command

If you are a married mother and working away from home, take notice of God's command. If your church has a “Christian Day Care Center,” listen to God's word. For you are in direct disobedience to God! God says in Titus 2:3-5:

Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home ...”

Are you “busy at home?” Is this the “sound doctrine” and the “good teaching” you and your church are teaching? If you're not obeying this by the power of the Holy Spirit, you are in deep sin and wretched disobedience to God! So, cure your guilt by “godly sorrow” and repent today, (2 Corinthians 7:8-11).

Children Sacrificed to Idols

Every day that a child is dropped off at the baby-sitter's, or the day care center, is another day that your child is slowly drained of life. You should be “busy at home” raising children for the Lord. For God says He made your husband and you one flesh for a purpose. That purpose is:

Has not the Lord made them one? In flesh and spirit they are his.” (Malachi 2:15)

And why one? Because he was seeking godly offspring. God's intention was that you raise children up who would know and love Him! God's plan is for mothers to be busy at home, raising children for the Lord, having a quiet spirit, full of good deeds and submissive to their husbands, (Ephesians 5:22, 1 Peter 3:1-6, Titus 2:3-5, Colossians 3:18). Instead, the children's “blood” is being sacrificed to idols of money, pleasures, convenience and that “independent feeling.” Ezekiel 16:35-38 says:

Therefore, you prostitute, hear the word of the Lord! This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Because you poured out your wealth and exposed your nakedness in your promiscuity with your lovers, and because of all your detestable idols, and because you gave them your children's blood, therefore I am going to gather all your lovers, with whom you found pleasure, those you loved as well as those you hated. I will gather them against you from all around and will strip you in front of them, and they will see all your nakedness. I will sentence you to the punishment of women who commit adultery and who shed blood; I will bring upon you the blood vengeance of my wrath and jealous anger.”

God calls women who delay marriage to get an education, prostitutes. To married women who work outside the home and pour out the life-blood of their children, God says He will judge you with the “blood vengeance of my wrath and jealous anger.”

Church Day Care Centers

God's anger burns against a church that is encouraging mothers to sin by opening “Christian Day Care Centers.” How deaf the hearts are to the voice of the Holy Spirit. How opposed they are to the concerns of Jesus! Because they worship themselves, even though they sing of Jesus, they cannot hear the Holy Spirit say, “Close the doors to the day care centers and open your hearts to my Holy Word!” Make no mistake about it, if they were a group of Christians to the Holy Spirit, the day care center doors would be closed. For they would see and feel what the heart of God feels and sees.

Oh, that one of you would shut the temple doors, so that you would not light useless fires on my altar! I am not pleased with you, says the Lord Almighty ...” (Malachi 1:10)

The same book that says God's plan is for us to raise “godly offspring” is the very same book that says, “close the temple doors.” What a “useless fire” is your so-called Christian Day Care Center. God is in no way “pleased” with such works.

All that wonderful singing, fellowship and preaching are “useless fires” unless there is obedience to God's Word; unless there is a death to self. All your self-righteous arguments and justifications will not avail you mercy at the judgment seat of Christ. You may complain that “Some women have to work for the money to survive because their husbands don't earn enough.” But what an ugly statement that is about your church fellowship. The money, time and prayer invested in a Christian Day Care Center should be used to meet the needs of those married working mothers so they can stay home and raise children for the Lord! Be what the New Testament Church was – Holy!

All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and much grace was upon them all. There were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles' feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need.” (Acts 4:32-34)

Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.” (Acts 2:43-45)

See how your church is not dead to self! It would not have even crossed their minds to open up a wicked “Christian Day Care Center.” Rather, their hearts would have done what was needed to meet the needs of others. They would have done it with such a joy! Woe to those churches that have day care centers! They will indeed experience the jealous wrath of God. For they encourage married women to work and be busy away from home. Your preachers “whitewash” their deeds and guilt (Ezekiel 13:10-16). Do you not know that you cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too? (1 Corinthians 10:20-33).

Spiritual Abortion Clinic

Truly, the church is a marketplace today, and no one feels any shame or guilt for throwing their children on the fiery altar to the demon of self an money, (Jeremiah 6:14-15). You teach women to “make the most of themselves in Jesus.” You teach that satanic doctrine of “self-worth” and “good self-esteem.” So mothers are encouraged to sacrifice their children to idols of self and pleasure. Oh, how you condemn abortions, but you encourage and bless spiritual abortion! In Russia, mothers are forced to do what we Christians volunteer to do. Satan has little need to fight against such Christians, for he has already won. He has won while churches, ministers and Christians sing with a self-righteous haughtiness of how they serve the Lord and His Word. What a rude awakening awaits such people.

Put the trumpet to you lips! An eagle is over the house of the Lord because the people have broken my covenant and rebelled against my law. Israel cries out to me, 'O our God, we acknowledge you!'” (Hosea 8:1-2)

It is no deep mystery that “children will betray their parents” for before that can happen, parents will have already betrayed their children.

Women of Worth

A wife of noble character is her husband's crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.” (Proverbs 12:4)

Just as Proverbs 12:4 says, when women no longer remain “noble” the very supporting structure (“bones”) are destroyed. It is little wonder that even within the church, the family is not even close to what it should be. For what is considered blessed today is the new family that waits to have children so that they can “get settled in” or “get financially ahead.” Or worse, the couple that waits to have children because they are busy being “blessed” by doing the Lord's work. You cannot serve self and God. How much a need there is in truth to pick up the cross and seek the will of the Lord. How rare it is to find a Christian woman who has the heart of Jesus. That is, raising godly offspring to be given to God. Rare, indeed, is the Christian woman who serves God with a fully surrendered heart. Truly, godly men are crying with the Holy Spirit,

'Look,' says the Teacher, 'This is what I have discovered ... I have found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.'” (Ecclesiastes 7:28)

Of course men must ask themselves if they really want a godly woman. Or like Adam, do they feed off the sins of their wives? Do the churches and husbands like the extra income brought in by these working mothers? Do the churches like the numbers these women ministers bring in because they are fulfilling the “call of God” in their life, (1 Timothy 2:11-15)? How often ministers and husbands feed off the sins of their wives. And as long as it looks good they don't care, (Genesis 2:6). We are a land full of priests, ministers and seminars, yet disobedience to God's Word abounds. It is as Hosea says, “The more the priests increased, the more they sinned against me ... They feed on the sins of my people and relish their wickedness.”

Again, the signs abound everywhere that a wife of noble character cannot be found. Instead of men witnessing a “quiet and submissive” spirit among Christian women today, we hear that they are “bored” at home. How many mothers say, “I will sure be glad when my child starts school again”? Where is the wife who calls her husband “master” in her heart and life? How little we see the Holy Spirit being able to produce a 1 Peter 3:5-6 spirit in the women of the church.

For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful. They were submissive to their own husbands, like Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and called him her master.” (1 Peter 3:5-6)

Instead of women dressing themselves in holy and quiet spirits we find the church a place for a fashion show. Excessive makeup, wearing clothes that are like the world and the dressing of an independent spirit, (1 Peter 3:3; 2 Corinthians 6:17; 1 Timothy 2:9-11). We see little true leadership among the men because they feed off the sin of their wives just as Adam did.


Now, this is not some heavy law or legalism. Rather, it is the heart of God that longs to bless His people. For you miss the godly joy Jesus can bring because of disobedience. Let us remember, “that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath,” (Matthew 2:27). That is, no one is going to be so unloving as to teach someone in the ghettos that they must stay home and starve because it is against God's law for a married woman to work outside the home. Rather, the church will do everything in its power to meet the need of such married mothers. For the church, like God, desires godly offspring.

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